Deb and Ray Alan began making music together in Windsor, Ontario in 1984. Under the name "Doubletalk" they played 100+ shows each year to delighted audiences. Ray also played solo shows for a total of 200+ shows.

After 22 winters of slugging their equipment through Canadian ice and snow, Ray said to Deb, "Why don't we make like the birds and head south for the winter ?" Deb happily agreed.

So Deb and Ray migrated to Fort Myers, FL
in 2006. They'd go into a club and say, "Hi.
We're Deb and Ray and we play music, eh ?"
The club owner would say, "Oh, Canadians,
Eh ?" And the new name was born.

Deb & Ray have been spending 6 months of
     the year entertaining in SW Florida and 6
months in Canada for the last 11 years.

While Deb & Ray have always made an incredible amount of music for a 2 piece act, Deb is currently out of commission due to an
auto accident that messed up her shoulder and back. Ray is carrying on by himself and he does an amazing job. He plays keyboards and saxophone with a very cool electric drummer.

It won't be long until Deb's back on stage but in the meantime why not let Ray give you the best party ever ?